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She stores her medical records on Easocare so that she doesn't have to worry about them when she travels. It's on her fingertips.
Being tech-savvy, he has all his files stored digitally so why not his medical records? He chooses Easocare to store his health records
Digital Healthcare is the future of India. Patients can be treated faster if there is access to medical files digitally. He supports Easocare
Add your family members

With family access, you can now connect multiple Easocare accounts as family members & access their medical records easily

Secure sharing via SMS (India only)

Simply add the receiver's name & mobile number along with optional settings to add a link expiry and your records would be shared with them

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Why should I choose Easocare?

Easocare is the leading medical records storing platform with intuitive features available for free. Here are a few reasons you should choose Easocare to upload your health records:

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Secure, fast servers
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Responsive Support Team
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Unlimited Storage

Introducing Smart Search

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Dynamic Dropdowns
Based on your existing Doctors & Medical Facilities on the account, we'll display them to search quickly.
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Enhanced Tag Search
Add your custom 'EasoTags' to your health records so that you can search via them.

People are loving it

Here are some of our users who have been regularly using the app and have loved it!
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“Now, no need to store any records physically, it's helping me a lot to store my family records & I can share it with anyone”
Kandarp Balar
Gujarat, India
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“I can easily search the record I need from 5 years of health records in seconds! All thanks to this amazing app”
Avijit Ghosh
Kolkata, India
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“I don't have to look for my medical file in my cabinets anymore. Easocare has made it easy to access all my health records”
Digna Khona
Mumbai, India

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