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Upload your medical records, ask a question, send suggestions/feedbacks – all on WhatsApp

Your Easocare Account, now on WhatsApp

What if we could tell you that you don’t need to open the Easocare app to upload your medical records? Yes, you can simply send or forward your images or PDFs on Easocare’s WhatsApp with your registered mobile number and we would do the rest for you. It’s that simple

Upload your prescriptions lab reports x-rays hospital files via WhatsApp

Send a ‘Hi’ message to our WhatsApp number to start a chat with EasoBot

Select the first option that is used to upload your medical records. Type 1 and send the message

If you have an Easocare account, you will receive a prompt that EasoBot has found your account. You can now share all the images/PDFs on this chat

Once you have sent all the reports, type and send “confirm” to notify EasoBot. Your medical records would be uploaded to your Easocare account in a few hours

Provide Feedback

We’re always ready to hear your feedbacks and suggestions. Your feedbacks would help us improve the product, helping you store your medical records digitally

Ask a Question

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or queries regarding the mobile app, it’s usage, features or security standards. We’re always here to help you out

Making healthcare accessible to you via WhatsApp

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