Get your health records scanned at home!

Busy or lazy to upload your medical records? Use "At your Doorstep" service by Easocare to get your medical records stored securely and digitally.

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19

How it works

An Easocare representative would come at your home with professional equipment to scan all your medical records.
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    Book an appointment

    Reserve an appointment by choosing available date & time slots. Enter your personal details along with your address. After booking, you'll receive a confirmation from Easocare. Please keep your medical records ready before our representative comes in order to speeden the process.

  2. 2

    Get your records scanned by our representative

    We would come with all the professional equipments required to scan your health records & store it securely. Your records would be submitted back to you after scanning the same way they were given to us.

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    Access your health records on the app

    Once the scanning is complete, your records are uploaded to our secure server where they would be tagged so that you can access it easily. In normal cases, you can access your medical records in less than 24 hours after scanning.

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Currently available for FREE in Mumbai & Bhavnagar