Measure vitals faster, easier & safer.

The cases of COVID-19 are increasing in

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Instead of buying seperate equipments and the cost of maintaining them, use SelfCheck to have everything in one device.
No manpower required
No one to record the temperature, no one to place the pulse oximeter. This device is specifically made for checking vitals individually saving thousands of rupees in having manpower.
Quick & Accurate
With the fastest response time with 99.998% accuracy, SelfCheck can be used at practically any location to measure the vitals in a few seconds.

Whats's included

SelfCheck is an all-in-one device operated using a foot switch to prevent contact of hands in operation

Hands-free sanitizer

Using proximity sensors, the sanitizer dispenser detected your hand and automatically dispenses. You do not have to touch the sanitizer at any point.

“To have the safest sanitization process”

Your body temperature, from your palm.

With our high-tech infrared sensors, SelfCheck detects your body temperature by just placing your palm on the right side of the device.

This reduces manpower to hold the gun straight to the forehead to capture the body temperature

Pulse rate & Oxygen Level, all at once.

With a pulse oximeter integrated with the device, anyone can now enter their index finger and press the foot switch to record it's pulse rate and SpO2.

Saved every month in having manpower to measure vitals in your area.
manufacturer warranty
hours saved collectively to measure 3 vitals of each person
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“Introduction to SelfCheck Device”

Less equipments, more efficiency.

With broad features, SelfCheck becomes one of India's most effective solutions to measure vitals and take action immediately to stop the spread of COVID-19
Easy to install
Effective against COVID-19
Low Power Consumption
Quick Response
No Maintenance Required
6 months warranty
High temperature alerts

The best price.

With the intention to build an efficient product with all the important measuring components in one device. SelfCheck is one of the most extensive product loaded with features
Best Value

SelfCheck - Vitals Measuring Device

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    6 months warranty
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    Digital Vitals Monitoring Platform included
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    Free Shipping across India
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    Premium build with matte finish
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    No Maintenance Required
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Want to know more about this product? How are the vitals captured? Or how is the device powered? The answers to these and more can be found below
SelfCheck has been made to work hands-free. Everything is operated using a foot switch at the bottom. The hand sanitizer dispenser is automated whereas the pulse oximeter and infrared thermometer can be activated by pressing the foot switch.
SelfCheck does not consume batteries. It has a power cord which needs to be attached to function the infrared thermometer, pulse oximeter and the automated hand sanitizer dispenser.
The temperature has an accuracy of: ± 0.2 °C. The pulse rate has an accuracy of: ± 2% at 30-254 bpm. The oxygen level has an accuracy of: ± 2%.
Upon pressing the foot switch, the pulse oximeter and the infrared thermometer is activated to identify an index finger and a palm respectively.
No there are no hidden costs. Everything is included in the product itself. The sanitizer liquid has to be purchased seperately and added to the automated dispenser.
The QR code placed at the front is to launch the Easocare app if you wish to maintain a log of your vitals everyday. If your society/organization has SelfCheck Monitoring platform, you would need to add your vitals everyday in the mobile app to share them automatically.
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