The Only Guide You Will Ever Need before Donating Blood

The Only Guide You Will Ever Need before Donating Blood

The main intent of this event is to raise global awareness regarding the importance of donating safe blood and blood products for transfusion and highlight the crucial contribution done by charitable blood donors to the national health system. Besides supporting national blood transfusion services, blood donor organizations, and other non-governmental organizations strengthening the blood donation programs so that they can promote the idea of donating blood as well as to provide necessary guidance to blood donors this is one of the key motives behind the day.
Every year, World Health Organisation releases a slogan for the world blood donor campaign. The slogan for the 2022 World Blood Donor Day is “Donating blood is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives.” This aims to draw attention to the role that voluntary blood donations play in saving lives and enhancing connections within communities.

As per sources, 12,000 people die every day due to the sheer lack of donating blood in the country. India collects 11 M units of blood but the prerequisite to complete the demand is 15 M units. The lacuna of 4 M units of blood needs to be fulfilled to save the life of the innocents.
Even today arranging blood for the patient takes hours of search whereas blood donation takes minutes. So, to establish an eco-system where everyone can have easy access to safe blood, it is very important to come forward and donate blood. Indian startups like Bloodplus, Bloodconnect, and Simply blood are supporting the initiative of blood donation by helping donors by providing them opportunities and updates regarding blood donation. According to WHO, nearly 1% – 3% of a country’s population requires blood. India can conveniently resolve this issue by taking the support of its youth population. About 65% of the Indian population are young adults and even if half of this population donates blood a couple of times each year, shortages will be eliminated.

A healthy adult can donate every three months. Some criteria for a healthy blood donor

  • Age between 18 and 60 years
  • Hemoglobin level- Normal
  • No medications
  • Blood Pressure -Normal
  • Body weight – not less than 45 Kg

Once these criteria are met, one can successfully donate blood to the national blood transfusion service, and non-government organizations.
Certain precautions that need to be taken by the blood donor:

  1. Before donating blood:
  • Drink ample water
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarette before going for blood donation
  • Relax your body and do not take any stress

2. After donating blood:

  • Keep the bandage for a few hours
  • If you are a frequent blood donor, make sure to take multivitamins & iron supplements along with a healthy diet
  • Do not lift heavy weights or do a vigorous workout

Let’s join hands to create a positive impact on society by donating blood and creating a society where everyone gets equal access to blood. As a community, we should establish community centers and run various campaigns to spread awareness about blood donation at the ground level and motivate people to donate their blood for a better future. A good deed never gets wasted. Whenever you donate blood, you always end up saving someone.
1 donation = 3 lives saved! So be a hero and save lives!

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